I got out of Alaska for a bit. It's the first time I've been gone for more than 4 days in a while. I should preface this post by saying - well, lots of things but mainly on this trip I flew into San Francisco, rented a car and worked my way down leaving out of Santa Barbara. These were my stops. Might I also add, I highly recommend this kind of vacationing and think I will do most trips like this from now on. I loved being on the go, seeing multiple places and hitting the highlights without the stress or guilt of not being able to see everything. I know it sounds silly but knowing you only have a short time made the decisions easier and things felt a lot more carefree.

Another side note; a lot has changed in my life and with anything there are growing pains. I am ok. All I can say is I am far far from having it all figured out, question myself constantly all the while trying to remember happiness is what I'm after...some days it's easier to find than others. 

San Francisco

Alcatraz + a sunset sail

Golden Gate Bridge

Traveling calms my heart. 

On the Golden Gate Bridge...like every other tourist.

Lombard Street. Fun to drive down!

Obligatory Pier 39 stop. And now official, I think any animal can make me happy.

Oddly enough, I forgot San Fran was the home of Ghiradelli until I came upon the Ghiradelli block.
Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz was a very live-able town in my opinion. I liked it a lot. I liked the style, the houses, the location, the 'scene'. Consider me a fan. Also, The Lost Boys was filmed there...so there's that! I only spent 1 night here, hit all the rides at the boardwalk, got pummeled by sand on the beach trying to get a tan (it was windy), stayed at the best hotel ever, ate an amazing veggie omelette and hit the road again.

Big Sur

Bixby Bridge

This is where I live in my head now.

Redwoods + my soul = one.

The light.was.so.good.

Honestly, trees are my favorite.

Big Sur was what I was looking forward to most this trip. I had stared at pictures on the internet for ages...and it most definitely lived up to my expectations. With no cell phone service, every place a quaint, beautiful stop, I couldn't have asked for more. My soul found it's home in the forest filled with magnificent Redwoods, the light absolutely incredible at any time of the day. I loved it. Loved it. The trees sang out to my soul welcoming me home, the bark offering itself to shake my hand...I found myself breathing in so deeply, the smell so familiar even though I've never been there. I would love to go back and spend more time in the woods with my thoughts but for now it was just what I needed. A reminder of sorts. 


A Wedding in Maryland

I hopped over to the East Coast to meet Joe for a very short trip. It was nice to see him as it seems we are on opposite schedules now that I'm on nights. Between his business trips, typical work schedule and mine, it feels like we have missed each other for months. It was a good trip with nice weather. I didn't bring my camera so these are all iPhone photos that I fiddled with, obviously.
Hope all is well out there!


A Few Shots from a Couple of Days in Homer

a magical backyard

pretty flowers

miles and miles through a swamp

thing 1 and thing 2

we finally made it back to the truck

best weather ever

and the fog rolled in

you can never have too many buoys


Falls Creek...an early jaunt to the top.

Hi. Falls Creek kicked my butt. Joe and Adak joined me and it was a beautiful day. Sometimes it feels good to push yourself to the top and then jog down. I'm sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere.