A Wedding in Maryland

I hopped over to the East Coast to meet Joe for a very short trip. It was nice to see him as it seems we are on opposite schedules now that I'm on nights. Between his business trips, typical work schedule and mine, it feels like we have missed each other for months. It was a good trip with nice weather. I didn't bring my camera so these are all iPhone photos that I fiddled with, obviously.
Hope all is well out there!


A Few Shots from a Couple of Days in Homer

a magical backyard

pretty flowers

miles and miles through a swamp

thing 1 and thing 2

we finally made it back to the truck

best weather ever

and the fog rolled in

you can never have too many buoys


Falls Creek...an early jaunt to the top.

Hi. Falls Creek kicked my butt. Joe and Adak joined me and it was a beautiful day. Sometimes it feels good to push yourself to the top and then jog down. I'm sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere.


Hiking Rabbit Lake with Friends

The weather has been exceptional so we have all been trying to take advantage of it and hike and be outside as much as possible. Just a tad more snow melt and we will be set, way ahead of the normal schedule :)


Coming up for air.

Sometimes we spice up our class days with secret photo shoots. Love these gals.

Best preceptor ever! 

2 months as an official career having grown up. 
Nailed it! ;)

Trying to find a balance between friends, boyfriend and work. Having a schedule that seems to fit with no one else's (even though I quite love it). Spring going full force into summer, adventure planning has begun but still waiting on that schedule...sometimes it seems like hurry up and wait and sometimes it feels like I have it all planned out. I guess that's life for you.

I like where I'm at though. I feel lucky everyday. Spring has come almost a month early and I saw tiny GREEN LEAVES on a tree yesterday. Hip Hip HOORAY!

We are getting our house painted and our deck re-built, which I am over the moon about both because, well, it's exciting. Kind of like getting a new house but much much easier. We are going with a very dark brown (sealskin) and a white trim (snowbound) - fun Alaskan paint names not chosen on purpose! I think it will look very clean and crisp and great.

I have finished my time with my first preceptor and I couldn't have asked for a better start. Not only did I have an amazing nurse to help me but I also got a great friend (so cheesy sounding but I mean it). My next preceptor is also pretty cool so I'm looking forward to that as well. 

All in all, I can't complain! Things are pretty good in AK right now.


A Short Trip to Seattle

Ferris Wheel and Wharfs

Full on spring...did not even consider this before I left as we still are far from it in AK.

Seattle Art Museum

City Flare

A very unhygienic gum wall. 

Space Needle

Downtown view

Chihuly Glass Exhibit

First Starbucks

Pike Place

Gratuitous selfie in the ferris wheel.

I found myself with 5 days off in a row and a couple of tickets to Seattle that weren't that many airline miles. My next task was to convince Joe. We have both been so busy lately and since I've started work I feel like we keep missing each other - I leave before he wakes up, I'm asleep when he gets home so he obliged. It was a short trip, just 3 days but the perfect amount of time, really. We hit the highlights of the city, had a great time together and it was short enough we didn't have to worry about putting out our friends with watching Adak (he needs a lot of outside time).

Anyways, that's just a very brief recap of our weekend. I'm currently wrapping up my first month of work and I love it.
Things are good.